Alexander Hamilton Legacy Essay

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“Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” - Alexander Hamilton, The World Was Wide Enough. The legacies of the founding fathers have left their mark on every part of our country, and their influence can be seen in nearly all arenas of our nation from politics and law, to art and culture. My passion for history started with my childhood interest in the American Revolution, eventually developed into an interest in all history, and quickly spiraled, specifically, into a love ancient Rome. But if I could have any ticket in the world, it would be one of those coveted passes to see the musical rendition of the life of Alexander Hamilton, and through him all of the founding fathers. A Broadway ticket to see ‘Hamilton, wouldn’t just be a regular ticket, because Hamilton isn’t just a Broadway musical.‘Hamilton’ is the essence of all good and wonderful things in the world, in many ways. It epitomizes art, through song, dance and drama. It’s a wholly original work,…show more content…
My sister is younger than me, but recently left for an early college program. Which was difficult because we’re very close and as her older sister I’ve always taken care of her. Throughout my life she’s been my best friend. Our family has always been extremely close, because it’s just the three of us. Our small family dynamic, combined with being raised by a single mother, has made me an independent person and someone who tries to make sure others are taken care of. With a working single parent, often I’ve taken care of my sister and myself, this responsibility has made me a more considerate and hardworking person and allowed me to know from a young age that I was capable and could achieve the high expectations I set for myself. Over the years, this responsibility has given me confidence in myself and my family, that by working hard and taking care of each other we could make it through the difficult
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