Alexander Hamilton My Shot Analysis

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Hamilton is a hip hop, rap musical about one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton and includes music from Lin Manuel Miranda. Hamilton is about Alexander Hamilton determined to make his mark in America. He goes from an orphan to Washington's right hand man to a rebel to a war hero. He even becomes the first Treasurer of America. Miranda first presented “Alexander” to President Obama during a poetry jam. After becoming successful, Miranda with the cast performs “Alexander” along with “ My Shot” to President Obama on March 2016. Through the cast’s recorded performance one can see the overall theme of ambition that Alexander Hamilton had.
The theme of “My Shot” and “Alexander” is ambition. “My Shot” is about Alexander Hamilton speaking
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They engage the audience by performing as though they were on Broadway. Miranda would take a step back and doing that would put more emphasis on those that are singing. Also, when Lafayette (Daveed Diggs), Aaron Burr (Leslie Odom Jr.), and Hercules Mulligan(Okieriete Onaodowan) introduced each other in the song they would use different voices. Diggs uses a thick French accent and made the audience in the White House chuckle. Onaodowan was using a husky voice that truly defined his character. They were playing their parts as they were singing even if they were playing in the East Wing than on a stage. Through their performance they were enjoying singing and made the music more interesting than a boring history lesson. You could tell they were enthusiastic through the energy shown through their performance. The vocals were dynamic and when the cast was singing louder it was easier to identify the important messages. By rapping louder, Miranda says “ I’m not throwing away my shot” he uses hand gestures showing that he is taking a stand playing his part as Alexander Hamilton. The cast of Hamilton has done an exceptional job performing and has become part of our
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