Alexander Hamilton Relationship

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4/24/17 The Affairs of Alexander Hamilton World renowned founding father Alexander Hamilton was a perfectly moral public figure, but as a private figure he cheated on his wife twice, and payed blackmail for it once. We are in 1777, colonial America, and a 20 year old Alexander is ready to fight the British and end the war. He meets a 23 year old John Laurens in a bar, and they decide to go to general George Washington and tell him of their plan to take down the British. Laurens became the leader of an 100% African American battalion, and Hamilton became the senior officer of the U.S armed forces. They may have been apart physically, but they wrote many letters back and forth. There have been 7 found flirtatious letters between the two. Many letters were signed with “Yours forever in love, Hamilton” and were full of requests to meet at secret spots. In one letter Hamilton writes “My dear, let our friendship be more than just its name, and let us build upon the strong foundations a bond that will last forever.” The two talked, secretly met up, and were in love until John’s death in 1782, and it is likely that Hamilton’s last letter never reached him. This affair had an effect on many people. Their friends Burr and Lafayette were distanced because of the affair, and seldom talked as much at the four did before.…show more content…
This was called the Reynolds Pamphlet, and it ruined his career. Jefferson and Madison used it as political ammo, and got Hamilton thrown out of office. Maria was helped by Aaron Burr to sue James Reynolds, get a full binding divorce, and be happy in a new life away from the demons of her past. His wife Eliza however, was distraught and burned many of Hamilton’s publications including letters to and from John Laurens, his sister in law, and Maria. Alexander’s sister in law came to the US from London to comfort Eliza and completely shunned Hamilton as if she never knew
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