Alexander Hamilton Research Paper

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Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were two very political men that had different view on each other when it came to politics. Burr and Alexander were antagonist since the beginning, they always were trying to best the other, which would eventually lead to the murder of Hamilton. A duel is when two opponents stand back to back, and take paces on the agreed amount of distance each wants to cover. A handkerchief is then dropped which signals the start of the duel. Both men turn around and draw their pistols, after that whoever dies first loses basically. It is no secret that Hamilton was killed in the duel but why was the duel held, and what for, are some of the questions asked by historians before they understood what happened during the duel…show more content…
Alexander Hamilton was one of the United States founding fathers, and was the right hand man to George Washington. Alexander Hamilton was the United States first Secretary of the Treasury and the founder of the Federalist party. Hamilton was born in the West Indies, and was an orphan as a child. Hamilton studied at King’s College (now Columbia University), in New York. After college Hamilton enlisted in the U.S. military and fought in the Revolutionary War against Britain. He played a huge roll in the war when he was appointed captain of his platoon, and soon after became the senior aide to General Washington. After the war hamilton was elected to the Congress of the Confederation. He soon resigned and began to practice law. Hamilton soon became the leading cabinet member in the new government lead by George Washington. Hamilton supported a strong centralized government and Constitutional authority. In 1795 he returned to New York to practice law once again, during the time of running for Vice President and Governor he also called for mobilization against France, and became the Commander of the new army. Adams did not like this and called for a resolution without any fighting or war. Hamilton did not agree with all of Adam's ideas which lead to their defeat in the 1800 election, against Burr and Jefferson. Although they lost Hamilton helped to defeat Burr but was unsuccessful in the process. Soon after Vice President Burr ran for Governor and Hamilton thought this was a perfect opportunity to crush his arch nemesis. Burr, finding Hamilton’s actions offensive, challenged him to a duel. which started the Duel at
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