Alexander Hamilton: The Great Game

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Talking about Alexander Hamilton, I got interested in this man when I was reading a book called “ the great game”. It vividly describes the ordinary Wall Street from a normal street to become a world financial center like the legendary history, showing a significant role in Wall Street as the representative of the US capital markets in the United States economic development and growth. A lot of historical facts and economic data we can find in the book that can help us be more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the development of the US capital markets.
From a global perspective vision, the emergence and development of the capital market is socialized production closely linked. From Marx discussion about virtual economy, a variety
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At the same time, Hamilton swifted action to ensure that panic does not destroy the basic trading system intact, lest innocent investors rather than speculators got hurt. He ordered the Treasury to purchase worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal securities, to support the market, and did not require banks to recover loans. In this case, in order to alleviate the shortage of money supply, he allowed the merchant can use the 45-day period of short-term notes to pay the customs import duties. Hamilton spoke highly of the Ministry of Finance and the banks. He said: "As long as these institutions remain intact, any real public disaster would not have happened." Hamilton did exactly what a social monetary and fiscal authorities in the financial panic should be doing. His such a strict contingency plan effectively prevent the panic, so it helped not to develop into uncontrollable proportions. Ensure that the stock market will not adversely affect the long-term crisis on the US economy. Although there still were other individual speculators can not avoid suffered a devastating…show more content…
Hamilton and Republican, Democratic, even the Federal Party at the same period were incompatible. He realized the first constitution was over loose, hidden risks, and actively promoted a constitutional amendment. His writing is very sharp, leading wrote Federalist Papers, cleverly using the "Federalist" substitution "Nationalist" concept, the federal party and constitutional planed to win a lot of support. He and most of the revolutionaries were different, fresh packaging with their own political ideals of freedom and democracy, had always advocated "unity, strengthening the military, the rich" and did not favor individual freedom and local autonomy, the same period was rare realism politician. For his constitutional improved federal system, state-owned financial system and structural contributions were
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