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Alexander Hamilton

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Saving the country you love is something very little people can say. Alexander Hamilton is one of those people. Alexander Hamilton is known by many as A good person with money, but he is so much more. Alexander Hamilton changed the world by helping money while fighting in many different ways. He showed that underdogs can win if they just believe they can do it. He left a legacy as the Outsider. Alexander Hamilton’s had a background that is very difficult to follow. Alexander had to manage two different lives throughout his lifetime one of them was his life in America where he had focus on his education at king 's college (Moss 74) as well as the sweep of independence that came through New york.
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One thing Alexander supported ways to make a strong central government for America. ( He also believed that a strong central currency was key for America. ( ol) Another thing Alexander Hamilton did to change America for the better was to stop Aaron Burr from leading because he didn’t like the way he did his work. Lastly, Alexander helped change America for the better was to rewrite the constitution. He wrote 85 essays with John Jay and James Maddison. In conclusion, Alexander Hamilton changed many things about America for the…show more content…
Alexander should be remembered for being the person who would do anything for his country. (Miller 16) Another reason he should be remembered is he wrote many essays out of the constitution. ( He should be remembered for setting up a stable bank and currency while helping america not go bankrupt. Alexander built the first national bank tafter a lot of criticism from other citizens. He also helped America with their finances. To sum it up, Alexander is a person worth remembering.
Alexander Hamilton truly left a legacy as the Outsider. Through his smarts and strategies, Alexander Hamilton showed that he could be strong in a time of great despair. Even today Alexander Hamilton is remembered as a great person who would do anything for his country. Alexander made a difference in the world by helping America not go broke after all of their debts. He is certainly a hero because ohis courage as a soldier and a Secretary of treasure. Perhaps if people were more like Alexander Hamilton the world would be a better place to live
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