Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider

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Alexander Hamilton

The Outsider

Saving the country you love is something very little people can say. Alexander Hamilton is one of those people. Alexander Hamilton is known by many as A good person with money, but he is so much more. Alexander Hamilton changed the world by helping money while fighting in many different ways. He showed that underdogs can win if they just believe they can do it. He left a legacy as the Outsider. Alexander Hamilton’s had a background that is very difficult to follow. Alexander had to manage two different lives throughout his lifetime one of them was his life in America where he had focus on his education at king 's college (Moss 74) as well as the sweep of independence that came through New york. In America he struggled to fit in until that one day the British attacked us and Alexander decided to help on the local American army where he met friends like Hercules Mulligan. After enrolling in the army George washington admired this young boy and promoted him to aide-de-camp, Hamilton accepted. He soon quit from the army after an argument with the General and started a law firm. Later he got married to Elizabeth Schuyler and had eight children. ( After an argument with Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton got challenged to a duel. Alexander died July 12,1804 with a fatal bullet wound. The other life Alexander Hamilton had to live was his life in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean he had a family were the dad was always gone and
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