Alexander Hamilton: The Weakest Branch Of Government

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In 1787-1788 eighty-five essays appeared in the New York newspaper, they were supporting the federal constitution, Alexander Hamilton was one of the writers. Hamilton was responding to antifederalist who had claimed that absence of the Bill of Rights and a powerful Judiciary would bring oppression to the people. Hamilton argued that Judiciary was a weak branch of government compared to Executive and Legislature because it lacked an army to command and would only react to what the two branches of the government had proposed. I disagree with the statement by Alexander Hamilton that judiciary is the weakest branch of the government, maybe at that time it could have been viewed as so, but its power has increased through several amendments (Jellum, 2008). The Congress creates law, for example, they created the National Prohibition in the 1920s, and the president executes the laws by ensuring all the laws passed by the Congress are implemented.…show more content…
The Judiciary today is more powerful than before, it has benefitted from the strong partnership with the Congress and the Executive. It is hard to enact laws that control Judiciary making it independent and powerful (Guarnieri et al. 2002) Recently the Supreme Court has given rulings that can effectively undermine the Congress and Executive, for example, a court challenged president Trump Executive orders on banning people from some Muslim countries from entering the USA. Today the Judiciary has more powers and cannot be described as a weak
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