Alexander Hamilton's Accomplishments

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His life has never been described of embodying hip-hop, until only recently. Alexander Hamilton is finally getting the recognition he lacked and deserved during his time. This is all due to Lin Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece, Hamilton, an American musical. As often pointed out in the musical, Hamilton commonly is clashed in with the other founding fathers, most just know him for fixing the nation’s economy. Though his accomplishments go far beyond fixing the banks and stabilizing the nation’s economy. Our history books rarely mention him (Miranda), though his doings are in there. From earning his way into King’s College to writing 51 out of the 85 Federalist papers to getting shot in a duel, Alexander Hamilton is a true American self-made man …show more content…

Nor do many know he is to be credited. “He took our country from bankruptcy to prosperity. I hate to admit it but he doesn’t get enough credit for all the credit he gave us” (Miranda). Hamilton’s accomplishments don’t lack recognition due to other, but due to himself. It was he who lacked the human desire for recognition (Glendon). Many know he wrote more than two thirds of the Federalist Papers, though at the time, they were published under an anonymous name. He wrote George Washington’s critical letters and reports on strategic reform and the restructuring of the continental army (Malanson). Though, when it came to Washington’s Farewell Address, due to Hamilton’s heavy influence and involvement, it is questioned whether or not Washington actually wrote it or if it should be credited to Hamilton (Malanson). The real question, though, lies in he’s lack of the desire to be recognized for his own work. The answer may lie in his values and beliefs. Hamilton did not care for materialism, instead he believed in the public good and using one’s passion to somehow aid the public good and help to shape it (Pontuso). Due to his exposure to slaves in St. Croix, he did not believe in people classifying themselves above another. Hamilton wasn’t a selfish person, he only wanted what was right and beneficial for the people, not just himself

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