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Did you know that one of America’s greatest heroes, has been forgotten for many years. Alexander Hamilton was born on Nevis in the British West Isles on January 11, 1755 or 1757(exact year unknown). He died at Greenwich Village, New York City, on July 12, 1804 with a fatal duel with Aaron Burr. In this report I will teach you about Alexander Hamilton’s childhood, how he impacted the world, and some other interesting facts. In this paragraph I will explain about Alexander’s childhood and family. Hamilton’s parents were Racheal Fawcett Lavien and James Hamilton. His father left when he was just a young boy. He took his first job at age 11 to try to make ends meet and his mother died not long after that. At Hamilton’s workplace he impressed his boss and he was sent to go to King’s College in America at age 16. Alexander was more interested in politics than in academics so in 1774 he wrote his first political article. …show more content…

When he fought in the revolutionary war he was Washington’s right hand man. Alexander wrote most of the federalist papers which ensured the constitution authorization. He also served as the first Treasury secretary and stabilized economy. Hamilton fought against slavery. He grew up in the slave-based Caribbean was disgusted with the brutality and right violations he observed. Alexander Hamilton had an exciting life and various interesting facts. He probably lied about his age so he was young enough to get into college. Nevis Island records say he was born in 1755 but on official records it says 1757. Essay writing wasn’t his only passion, Hamilton also dabbled in poetry. The last letter that George Washington ever wrote was addressed to Alexander. He died in a fatal gun duel with Aaron Burr over a political argument. One of his famous quotes is “ I thought it as my duty to exhibit things as they are, not as they ought to

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