Alexander III's Influence In Ancient Greece

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Born to King Philip II and Olympias of Macedon and revered as Alexander the Great, Alexander III was one of the greatest military leaders in history. Following the assassination of his father in 336 b.c.e., Alexander III came to inherit the crown and became King of Macedonia. During the course of his reign as king he conquered empires and spread his ideals and strength throughout the lands. Upon ascending to the throne, Alexander conquered Thebes forcing the Greeks to recognize him as successor to the throne. (Connections 2016) This was the beginning of Alexander the Great’s military expeditions and his influence in the world as we know it. King Philip had plans to invade Anatolia and defeat the Persians; following the ideas of his father,…show more content…
During the Hellenistic Era, the once unified empire was divided into smaller kingdoms ruled by the Generals of Alexander the Great. (Hemmingway 2017) Through the inspiration of the eastern realms, traits from the regions flowed from the east influencing western cultures as well as western influence passed into the east creating a Hellenistic Culture. The Social and Political societies absorbed influences from the east like a melting pot comprised of the various cultures which made its way all the way back to Greece. Moreover, the Greeks benefitted from the knowledge of the east and incorporated mathematics, astrology and medicine into their lives. Among ideals which came from the east during this era were “Mystery Religions” which, revolved around individual gods or goddesses. They were thought to teach certain secrets or mysteries to their followers. The influence of Greek art spread through the lands and the Greek gained inspiration from eastern artwork. Alexander the Great 's legacy has been both far reaching and profound. Alexander destroyed the Persian Empire and founded an empire bigger than the world has seen beforehand. More importantly, Alexander 's conquests spread Greek culture, also known as Hellenism, across his empire. If not for Alexander’s ambition, Greek culture might not have made its way out of
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