Alexander Night: A Short Story

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It was good therapy to let him walk though Hannah kept an anxious eye on him and his still uncertain sense of balance. When she realized Sasha was doing the same thing Hannah rolled her eyes. What was the dog going to do, help him? Bring him a chew toy to convince Alexander to get up and play. She wished he 'd put the dog back outside where she didn 't have to worry about it. "You sure do know a lot about them for not knowing anything about the outbreak." That was odd, like he somehow knew that brain trauma was the only way to make them Dead for Reals. Then again what wasn 't odd about Alexander Night, her mysterious patient and, Hannah hated to admit it, person keeping her safe and warm and fed tonight. "I 'm sorry that my choice to go home wasn 't the correct one. What drove me was- you know what? It doesn 't matter," she said almost angrily and scooted a little to the left on the fireplace, further away from where Alexander was at the nearby table. Damned if she 'd talk to him about Him. He wouldn 't understand and obviously didn 't care. Hannah was surprised he even had friends he cared enough about to leave clothes over for them like the ones she was wearing now. Were they alive? Did they even exist or was it one more part of her patient that didn 't make sense. For a bit the only sound in the room was…show more content…
The National Guard imploded. Local fire and rescue and police were gone weeks ago. Then power and sewer stopped working and water too. Cell, internet, then we were just down to battery powered radios and all the stations went off the air almost at the same time. It was...crazy. Like it couldn 't be happening. We were so used to talking to anyone, anywhere, any time and Googling stuff and looking at Yelp reviews to see if we wanted to try that new bistro and Snapchatting selfies. We don 't know what is going on anywhere that we can 't see. It 's...medieval. Like the Black Death come again only plague victims
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