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According to, “Pope’s epigrams are some of the most frequently quoted passages in the English language.” Why? Because mostly everyone can relate to the passages he writes. “His aim was to condense, methodize, and give as perfect and novel expression as he could to floating opinions”. (Anthology of English Literature). His work has been republished multiple times, because everyone feels that the words he wrote, are expressing how they are feeling during the time period that he wrote during. Alexander Pope was born on May 21, 1688, in London, England. His parents were Edith Pope & Alexander Pope, who were both Roman catholics even before their marriage. Father, Alexander Pope, was a well-known cloth merchant, who was extremely well at his job. According to, “At 12, Pope composed his earliest extant work.” Also known as, “Ode to Solitude.” Stated on, “He was ill as a child and was left only 4’6” tall with curvature of the spine and was a lifelong sufferer from headaches.” Before the age of 12, Pope learned Latin & Greek from various masters. “Since his family was catholic, he was subjected to learning from priests, and relatively close friends & family.” (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). He was more self-taught than any other person his age, which…show more content…
As in both of Pope’s poems, he used nature to identify the characters in which he was happy. The rose is typically a painful figure, because when you think about the thorns you have to grab as you pick the flower, they begin to get stuck in your hands, causing a great deal of pain. The author also used the term “dove”, typically because when someone finally finds happiness, it is when they are pain free, and a dove represents happiness and freedom. Which basically during death, you are becoming free of all pain and suffrage that you have been out through all of your
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