Narrative Essay: Alexander Schultz

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Narrative Essay

Alexander Schultz is a 20 year old German soldier who works at Auschwitz concentration camp located in Oswiecim Poland. Alexander works as a camp guard from dawn till dark every day. Alexander is not fond of his job because he believes the Jews are regular people and does not agree with the way they are being treated. “I just do not understand what Hitler has against jews, no matter what race they are all humans should be treated equally, I am going to do everything in my power to help the Jews!” Said Alexander Josef and Israel Adell are two 9 year old twin brothers and they live in Auschwitz concentration camp. Everyday the boys dreamed of the day that they would be able to go to school with the other boys and girls who lived in the houses across
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Gluck's, Alexander and the boys made their way to hole in the fence. Once they arrived to the fence Alexander was saying goodbye when he heard the sirens sound. As he glanced over at the camp, he saw about 45 soldiers running at them. “You need to go right now, I will hold them off! Said Alexander. “Yes sir, thank you again for helping us, you are a hero!” said Josef. As the boys were crawling under the fence, the Nazis began to shoot their guns at the Alexander and the boys. Alexander was struck right in the chest and fell to the ground. The sound pierced through the air and at that moment they knew Alexander was dead. The boys were almost through the fence when the guns started to fire again. The bullets were just missing them, but as soon as Josef stood up a bullet struck his leg. Israel was trying to pick his brother up, but was too weak. He knelt down beside his brother and then glanced at Alexander. At that point Israel knew that it was over. He laid over the top of his brother and started crying. “I love you Joseph, I will see you in heaven!” said Israel. “I love you too Israel.” said
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