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Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Augustus, more commonly known as Alexander Severus, was born in the Phoenician city of Caesarea. His parents were Julia Avita, considered a very powerful woman, and Marcus Julius Gessius Marcianus, who was an Aristocrat. Another important person in Alexander Severus’ life was his grandmother, Julia Maesa, who had big plans for her grandchildren. Alexander Severus was trained in literature and military services, starting from when he was young. He was a very simple child and did not care much for wearing fancy clothing and showing off. Alexander Severus’ cousin Elagabalus had become Emperor in 218 AD at the young age of fourteen. Alexander Severus and Elagabalus’ grandmother, Julia Maesa was successfully…show more content…
The Roman soldiers however were successfully able to defend their territory, although new trouble was starting with Germans. Alexander Severus headed North to join his soldiers defending Rome against the Germans. He had multiple ships built to carry his army to fight, but he knew by now that he was not a very good general and hoped the Germans would be to scared to fight. The Germans did agree not to fight, as long as they were paid large sums of money. This angered and embarrassed the Romans. Julius Verus Maximinus led the angered soldiers and marched against their own emperor, and Alexander Severus, the last Syrian emperor of Rome, and his mother Julia Mamaea were assassinated on March 19, 235 AD. Alexander Severus was only 26 years old. Alexander Severus’ death sparked the era known as Military Anarchy, and ended Pax Romana, meaning Roman Peace. His body was later returned to Rome and deified by the senate in 238 AD. Although Alexander Severus is commonly known for his deficiency in military tactics, we should also remember him for all the good he brought to Roman citizens. He was able to reduce tax and do as the Romans wanted. It is important that we learn about these people who lived thousands of years ago, so that they will be remembered for many more
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