Alexander Stroble Character Analysis

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"And next up is little Alexander Stroble", the speakers blare. He wobbles up to the plate, the helmet on his head making him unbalanced with each step. With the bat in his hand and the ball in his eyesight, he was ready to hit the best homerun of his life. His coach throws him a level pitch and he swings, and misses."Strike one" ,the umpire yells, but that doesn’t phase him; he knows he has two more tries.On the next one, he swings and hits, but it wasn’t the exact home run he was looking for.
He hesitates before he drops the bat and runs with all his heart. He looks back at his coach who motions for him to keep going. The fans are cheering as his foot touches first base, then second. On his way to third he gets called out.He was so into the
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He mainly centers his preferences and baseball and basketball, but sometimes he will toss a football around with his friends at recess. During the spring and winter, Alexander 's world revolves around endless practice hours and countless games, but that 's no the only work he puts in.During the off season he practices at, "Bases Loaded", and for basketball he may shoot hoops in the driveway when its warm in the summer.
He likes that sports keep him energized as well as being part of a team. He plays at times other than recess such as: for recreational parks, school teams, elite team, "615 Elite", a team you may have heard of.He says to play baseball you need a helmet, bases, a ball, a bat, cleats, a glove, and if you want to be a catcher you need the gear. If you 're playing basketball you simply need a ball, a hoop and flat ground.
"Honestly, I 'm better at basketball, but I like baseball better", is what he answered when he was asked which he does better. In baseball he does not really struggle he says, which is probably the first choice for first baseman. Sometimes he might even find his place on the pitcher 's mound smack in the center of it all. In basketball he says he does have trouble with dribbling sometimes, but that not stop him from his positions of the center or the post. He says it has changes since then though; its gotten more fun since he started, and it has gotten easier to move

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