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Intelligence, bravery, and leadership, are all characteristics you look for in a hero, that’s what Alexander the Great is but, is he really great or just a power hungry king.. Alexander the Great was King Philip 's son who took over the world, he became the leader of Macedonia in 336 BCE. He was destined for power and started his strike in Asia Minor, this strike led him to take over most of Europe. Alexander was a great leader that used his intelligence and bravery to take down civilizations. Alexander was an intelligent leader that used his strategies to take over most of Europe in only 11 years, that is including the 3 most significant territories, Egypt, Greece and Persia (DOC A). He was very intelligent because out of all of his territories he took over, only 5 of the territories had a battle with him. He also had one of the largest armies because he had a great amount of soldiers from all of the places he conquered and founded, with the largest army he could conquer easily and quickly(DOC A).…show more content…
But Alexander didn’t stand down, he built a land bridge to the city, therefore causing him to lose many men due to the counter attacks, though he kept building and smashed through the city and succeeded in overthrowing them (DOC C). Another aspect you need to be a hero is leadership, Alexander was a great leader, when he took over Tyre he showed leadership by not giving up when they refused to surrender. (DOC C). Alexander led his empire well and took over much land, but even after he died, his empire lasted 10 years together before they split up (DOC E). His leadership shows that he was a great ruler and a brave

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