Alexander The Great: A Hero Or Hero?

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Alexander the Great was considered to be one of the best military generals and leaders of his time. He came into power at age twenty after his father was assassinated in 336 BC. He started his military campaigns against Persia two years later in 334 BC carrying out his father's Panhellenic project. After ten years he had completely conquered Persia and overthrown King Darius III. Was he really a hero or just a power hungry warlord? Alexander the great was born in 356 BC in Pella, Macedonia. He had three wives: Roxana of Bactria, Stateira II of Persia, and Parysatis II of Persia. He grew up being tutored by Aristotle until sixteen. This also happens to be the age that he became a military commander. He was known as the King of Kings, Pharaoh, History’s greatest general, and Physician. His hobbies were weapons, horses, natural history, geography, and of course military tactics.…show more content…
Most of his cons are minor and for a legitimate reason. He did not take many prisoners and killed many of them because of his small army size. The prisoners or slaves he kept were treated cruely to make sure they do not have any thought of rebellion. Alexander the Great was always suspicious of his advisors and close adversaries. If he suspected them of plotting against him they would be killed. Sometimes he would dress in clothes of defeated enemies embarrassing his people but not hurting anyone of course. His last and biggest downfall was that he was never satisfied with his accomplishments, no matter how
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