Alexander The Great: A Hero

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Alexander the Great was a hero because he helped to spread Greek culture throughout the world, and he created the best military anyone has ever known.
Alexander the Great was a Hero because while he spread Greek culture, he also allowed the people he chose to conquer to surrender and have the same lifestyle. Even though Alexander said that the civilizations either get killed or the society surrender he still allowed many civilizations to keep their customs. According to TCI, “Alexander created a plan to achieve his goals. The plan had three key parts. First, he would spread Greek culture and ideas. Second, he would use religion to inspire loyalty. Third, he would show respect for the cultures he had conquered, and even adopt some of their
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Alexander the Great is one of the best leaders military wise and has created one of the best Militaries ever. According to, “Alexander’s military genius is undisputed. He improved the fine army inherited from his father, Philip, by the addition of allied forces; he strengthened the cavalry arm, utilized weapons specialists, and employed a corps of engineers; he was invincible in both siege warfare and set battles.”(4) This proves that Alexander the Great is a hero because he improved almost everything that the macedonians had before King Phillip's death was King and a Hero would help other people become stronger and healthier to fight. It says Alexander was invincible in siege warfare and set battles this means the macedonian military was the best military in the world and no one could stop his military until Alexander the Great died. Alexander made their society better and stronger. According to Alexander the Great Part 1,”“The motive of almost every heart was grief and a sort of Helpless bewildered in the thought of losing their king of Military”(1:50) Many people loved him because he protected their society in such a good way and eventually when he died of Malaria he was well respected and when heroes die many people honor the heros and that's what the people did to Alexander. Alexander the Great is one of the best leaders the world had back then. When Alexander died the…show more content…
According to Alexander Part 1,”“Alexander wasn’t content with Macedonians his growing impatience and his ambition made him thirst for more” (3:21). These people have good ideas, but they're totally wrong, he was thirsty for more because he trying to protect his society from other leaders or any other militaries. Although he killed many different people that was just because he wanted to protect his society and have the military get stronger. This is exactly why he is a hero because his society was protected ultimately by that military that Alexander the Great made stronger and improved. According to Great,“King Philip was Dead, Olympias and Alexander were responsible for the assassination, by driving the young man into committing the act.”(8) This is a great thought but that is not right. Alexander the Great may have not even been a part of King Philip's murder. According to,”Ancient sources cite several possibilities: that Olympias turned Pausanias-1’s mind to think of Philip as his real enemy (she could offer him sanctuary in Epiros); that the King of Persia wanted Philip destroyed (because he had sent the vanguard of an invasion force into Asia) and had sent agents to seek out an assassin (finding Pausanias-1 willing enough, they had offered him money and a sanctuary in Persia); that Alexander had
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