Alexander The Great: A Phenomenal Leader And King: Alexander The Great

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Alexander the Great was a phenomenal leader and king. In his short twelve years of reign he conquered many lands and countries such as Persia, Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, Bactria, and Punjab, and in Egypt, he founded the city of Alexandria. He tried his best to outwit his enemies, but for the most part, used his strength and weapons rather than his wits. His mother was Olympias, whose birth name was actually Myrtle. (Wasson, Donald L. “Olympias.” 01 Jun 2013) Alexander’s father was Philip II of Macedonia who was born in Pella, Greece in 382 B.C. Alexander III was born in Pella, Macedonia, in 356 B.C. to King Philip II and Queen Olympias. ( Staff 2009) Although his father was mortal, he spread the word that his father was Zeus. Despite being a great and honored leader we know very little about his childhood. ( Staff 2009) We do know about his famous horse. Alexander tamed a wild horse and named it Bucephalus. If the legend is true then Alex disciplined it by understanding that the horse was just afraid of its own shadow. In one historical document it says "Long did this noble animal share the toils and dangers of his master; and this was the horse that Alexander delighted to honor." (Steinmetz 2011) At thirteen he was tutored by the famous philosopher Aristotle. ( Staff 2009) At the young age of sixteen Alexander’s father went off to fight the Byzantiums and left him in charge of the country. Alexander saw the opportunity to prove his

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