Alexander The Great Accomplishments

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Did you know that Alexander the Great all most concerned all of Europe? As a child, he mastered a horse, was taught by one of the best teachers in the land, and more! We became a military captain at 18 and conquered most of the world at that time. The main point of this paper is to teach you about Alexander the Great's life and accomplishments. So, if you want to learn more, read on!
To truly understand Alexander the Great, one must understand his early life. Alexander the Great was born in 356 B.C, his father was King Philip II, his mother was Olympias who used to be a princess from the kingdom of Epirus(Crompton 15). When Alexander was a boy, Philip II gave him a horse. The sellers said that the horse is hard to master. Philip bought it anyway.
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When Alexander was 18, he became the military captain.(“McGill”). But soon after that, Alexander became king of Macedon. After Alexander had a firm grip over Greece, he organized a campaign against the Persians.(“McGill”). Before Alexander left Greece with his army, he went to the town of Delphi to consult the oracle of Apollo. Alexander demanded that the oracle tell him of his future and his campaign. The oracle answered and told him he was invincible. This knowledge no doubt gave him…show more content…
(“Alexander”)During the final battle in July 332 B.C., eight thousand Phoenicians were reportedly killed, and thirty thousand were taken as slaves. (“Alexander”)The Egyptians welcomed him as a liberator from the hated Persians; they also proclaimed him the son of Amon-Ra, the supreme Egyptian god. Historians think this may be one reason Alexander considered himself divine. To truly understand Alexander the Great, one must understand his later life. He founded the city of Alexandria on the site of the old Greek trading port of Naucratis. The largest of the seventy cities Alexander founded during the course of his conquest, Alexandria would become a lasting monument to his achievement.(“Alexander”)
Alexander the Great died on June 13, 323 BC in Babylon, Persia (Crompton 97). Did you learn a lot about Alexander the Great? I hope so! In the end, Alexander the Great conquered most of Europe, won about 200 battles, and built a big empire. Without Alexander the Great, the U.S’s culture would be different. Alexander the Great truly did deserve the title “the
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