Alexander The Great Essay: Prince Alexander's Path To Success

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“There is nothing impossible to him who will try” (Brainy Quote). This is a very famous and inspirational quote that Alexander the Great is very well known for saying. According to the Alexander the Great Biography, Alexander the Great was born Alexander the third of Macedonia on July 20th, 356 B.C.E. in Pella, Macedonia. Alexander’s parents were the famous King Phillip 2 and Queen Olympia of Macedon (Alexander the Great’s Biography). Prince Alexander had one sibling, a sister, and they were raised in Pella’s Royal Court (Alexander the Great’s Biography). As children, Alexander and his sister’s father was not always around. King Phillip 2 was out handling military campaigns and having extra marital affairs (Alexander the Great Biography). Not having a fatherly figure, and a male role model to look up to led to Alexander resenting his father (Alexander the Great Biography). Not just because he cheated, but because he wasn’t there for his family psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Despite having an absentee father in his life, young Prince Alexander went out and followed in the role of his footsteps, and became one of the most successful leaders of the world, a military genius, and played a role in the shaping of world history. First, I will discuss young Prince Alexander’s education. Prince Alexander’s…show more content…
The Hellenistic Empire was divided into three separate divisions: Macedon and Greece, the Seleucid Empire, and the Ptolemaic kingdom (World History 5th Edition). The kingdoms lasted approximately two to three centuries (World History 5th Edition). Macedon and Egypt fell under Roman domination and the Seleucid Empire lost territory as Bactria and Parthia split up into central and eastern sectors (World History 5th Edition). Sadly Alexander’s accomplishments that he managed to achieve were
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