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Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was an ancient king of a Greek kingdom called Macedonia. To earn his position as king he fought hard and experienced a massive amount of conflict. It started in 356 B.C. when Alexander was born to King Philip and Olympias. In 357 B.C. the king marries Olympias, not truly knowing her wild sign. Olympias had a strong desire for her son Alexander to become king and would secretly go behind her husbands back to make him king. One night, Philip caught Olympias in bed with a serpent, representing Zeus. Philip goes to Delphi for answers. Is Alexander the son of an oracle or a God? Two years later, Philip was hurt badly in a battle, causing him and his family to move to Pella where Alexander grew up in the…show more content…
Next, Darius leads his army back to the south and that is when alexanders army was surrounded. Although his army is supremely outnumbered, Alexander does not show fear. He has extreme confidence. The Macedonian troops defeated Persia. The entire battle did not go well for Darius. Even though he had the advantage of numbers, he and his men were not doing well fighting on the river valley, mountains and the sea on both of his sides. However, Alexander used his trusted phalanx formation, which worked. Alexander and his army turned toward the Persians and spotted Darius. Darius fled the battle in his chariot and then finally continued on horseback. When the Persians saw their leader flee, they followed. Persians lost 100,000 soldiers on foot and 10,000 cavalry while Alexander only lost 1,200 in all. Although Darius wanted to return to his family, he promised Alexander half of his kingdom, Alexander refused. Instead, Alexander challenged him to stand and fight, and he wanted to meet again in Gaugamela where Darius would again run away, but this time he would meet his death. In conclusion, Alexander the Great changed many things in the ancient world. He was a very brave man and used that to conquer the Persians and take over the position as king. Alexander found out he is the son of Zeus. He won many of battles and even when afraid he did not show it. He was an excellent hero of the fourth
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