Alexander The Great History

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The video on YouTube by OgrnTv named “Engineering and Empire Greece Age of Alexander History Channel Documentary” describes the life of Alexander. Alexander was one of the history’s great commanders. He was well aware that he lived in ancient innovation, increase warfare. Alexander the Great employed the latest technology at that time to conquest civilizations. He transformed the lands from Egypt to India into a new Greek world. Greeks had conquered the world, so they exported their way of life. But, there are no kingdoms without a king, and with Alexander’s swift and stunning compromise, his empire would crumble almost as quickly as it was built. 404 BC., a long and bloody 27-years’ war has come to an end. Athens is dominated and destroyed …show more content…

However, his own troop betrayed him to go further, so he had to turn around from India that was the last country he conquered. When he returned from his traveled, he got sick. No one knew if it was for an infection of a wound in one of his battle, if he was poisoned or if it was for his hard life as a soldier. Nonetheless, he died leaving a bloody fragmentation of struggle power between the regional commanders. The book “Culture & Values: A survey of the Humanities” by by Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich, and Louis Fichner-Rathus states that “The inability of Alexander’s generals to agree on a single successor after his death made that division of the Macedonian Empire inevitable. The four most important kingdoms that split off—Syria (the kingdom of the Seleucids), Egypt, Pergamun, and Macedonia—were soon at loggerheads, and remains so until they were finally conquered by Rome” (110). The land of Egypt fell to Alexander’s general Ptolemy I who had been left to oversee the wealthy territory of the Nile river. Ptolemy’s plan was to ensure his legitimacy both as Egypt’s king and also true heir to Alexander. The Macedonian tradition held that the one who buried the body of the king secures his right to the throne. Ptolemy hijacked the funeral procession of Alexander and brought the mummified body to Egypt where it would eventually rest in Alexandria, the same city Alexander himself had …show more content…

Also, the graphic visualization of the Siege Tower and the Pergamon city helped the experts to explain better the functions of these two magnificence. The visualization of how the first lighthouse was constructed gave its viewers a better understanding of how it was constructed and how it worked by the inside of the it. This video has facts that complement the story narrated in it. Facts such as “Marriage was a key component in Philip’s diplomatic strategy. Of his seven wives, only one was a Macedonian,” “Alexander ordered that his soldiers be clean shaved so that enemies couldn’t grab their beards in close combat,” “In 326 BC, Alexander founded the city of Bucephala in honor of his slain horse,” “It was in Alexandria, during the reign of Ptolemy II, that the Hebrew bible was first translated into Greek.” Experts did not explain a lot in this video, however, their facts and explanations were relevant to the topic. The performance of real humans dressed as ancient Greeks also helped to interpret the past

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