Alexander The Great: History Report: Alexander The Great

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Sukh Singh
Period 2
October 16, 2014
I did my this day in history report on Alexander the Great. Alexander the great is known for many things. He was king of Macedonia, a military genius, and the greatest conqueror of all time-to name a few. Alexander was taught by many great minds, perhaps most responsible for his greatness was Aristotle. Alexander was given many hard tasks and tremendous responsibilities as a child and teen, which he carried out with ease. As an adult king, Alexander ruled over Macedonia and kept it safe from invasion and rebellion. He then sought to conquer as much of the world as possible. When Alexander was about 30, a feat in itself, he ruled over the biggest empire in the history of the world (this record
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His parents were King Philip II of Macedon and Queen Olympia. Prince Alexander was raised in Pella’s royal court alongside his sister. Young Alexander was first taught by Leonidas, who taught him math, horsemanship, and archery. When Leonidas failed to control the rebellious Alexander, Lysimachus was hired in his place. Lysimachus used role-playing to keep the young prince’s attention, often letting Alexander impersonate Achilles (a legendary warrior). Next King Philip hired the philosopher Aristotle to teach his son philosophy, poetry, drama, science, and politics. Many of Aristotle's teachings inspired Alexander to become a heroic…show more content…
Alexander and his mother fled to the country of Epirus to seek safety from Philip’s rage. After King philip was murdered in 336 B.C. Alexander would do anything to take control of the throne. When Alexander did take control of the throne he started to quickly eradicate all his enemies. After King Philip’s death, many countries under the control of Macedonia started to rebel and try to gain independence. Alexander quickly invaded Greece and showed that his authority would be respected. He then did the same thing to Thrace, establishing himself as an authority figure now known to all countries. Alexander then sought out to conquer all of Asia. At this time alexander was 22 years old. Although Alexander never finished conquering all of Asia, he had control of the biggest empire in the history of the world and had not lost a single battle in his
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