Alexander The Great: How Great Was Alexander The Great?

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How Great Was Alexander The Great? Alexander the III was born in 356 BCE, in the kingdom of Macedonia. Alexander’s parents raised their son in preparation to take over his father’s kingdom. At the age of 20, he inherited the kingdom of Macedonia and had set out on his first mission: conquering Persia. Alexander was given the nickname “Alexander the Great”, due to his success in his Greek empire. However, after taking a closer look at how Alexander maintained his empire and treated his troops, it is evident that he was vain, cruel, and disloyal, which proves that Alexander the Great was not truly great.
Alexander proved many times over the course of his ruling that he was a vain and selfish leader. A map created by various sources in Document A shows the cities that he and his troops conquered from Macedonia to India. This may seem impressive, however, it should be noted that Alexander did not accumulate these settlements without the help of his many troops, and yet almost every city is named solely after Alexander. These troops risked their lives helping Alexander and he repaid them by taking all of the credit for their accomplishments. Another time Alexander proved his selfishness is in Document D, a source from the Greek philosopher and historian, Lucius Flavius Arrianus, created in 130 CE. In this story, Alexander and his army crossed a blazing hot desert with no water. His troops decided to search for a drink and find a shallow gully with enough water for
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