Alexander The Great: Life And Achievements Of Alexander The Great

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Alexander The Great One of the biggest empires the world has ever seen was ruled by Alexander the Great. He ruled the Greek Empire from 334 BCE- 323 BCE (Doc A). His empire was so big he founded over 70 cities and it was about 2,200,000 square miles (Doc E). But was he that great? Of course because he had many remarkable achievements, he also had great leadership, and he had very good intelligence. He was great for these main reasons, he had a vast empire with many different famous city-states, he had great intelligence and very good strategies when it comes to war, and he had a well known legacy with many achievements. One reason that Alexander the Great was great was because he had just a vast empire with many famous city-states throughout the empire. His empire was about 2,200,000 square miles at its greatest and when he died his empire was about 2,000,000 square miles. If you don’t say that’s a big empire for his age, that’s crazy (Doc E). His empire had over 70 city-states with 11 different Alexandrias’ which were named after him and were the most famous city-states over all (Doc A,E). This empire took…show more content…
He was very good at keeping the enemy confused and puzzled. When he was fighting king Porus on the banks of Hydaspes he moved his troops in all directions to keep the enemy boxed in where he was able to kill most of the enemy 's soldiers and elephants. He ordered them to lock shields and advance as a phalanx (Doc B). Sometimes when he was taking their land he would let people that surrendered keep their leaders and even help them what has been destroyed (Frey 291). Talk about being great. He was also very intelligent one figuring out how the enemy attacks and different movements they take plus he even got the enemies to get into the habit of moving one way that the enemy didn’t notice they were getting attacked from behind (Doc

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