Alexander The Great Outline: The Motive Of Alexander The Great

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Ketmanee Mary Tychsen
History 1031W
Professor Nabil Matar
October 1, 2014
The Motive of Alexander the Great (Outline)
Alexander the Great was a magnificent and controversial figure in ancient history. He conquered many lands and spread Greek Hellenism throughout the world. What made him want to take over the ancient world? That is the inevitable question that I aim to research because how did King Alexander become “Alexander the Great.”

Thesis: What fostered Alexander the Great’s desire to conquer the ancient world?
I. “Unity of Mankind”
a. Greek thought
i. He envisioned a fusion of the races that will lead to more diversity and survival of mankind.
b. His need to be among the best
i. Historical influences - Homer and Cyrus the Great
II. “Alexander
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He was inspired by previous contributors that made an impact on him and his quest to become among the best. Annotated Bibliography
I. Books
Carlsen, Jesper. Alexander the Great: Reality and Myth. Rome: “L’Erma” Di Bretschneider, 1993.
This book is useful to help make sense of what is truth and simply legend about the history and myths of Alexander the Great. It explores his life and background. Carlsen presents information discussed and examined at an international conference with scholars of ancient history. It analyzes different psychological notions about Alexander’s desires of conquering the world. For example, it suggests that men seek inspiration in historical and fictitious models. Ehrenberg, Victor. Alexander and the Greeks. Translated by Ruth Fraenkel Von Velsen. Oxford: Basil Blackwell & Mott Ltd., 1938.
Alexander the Great was the King of the Ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedon. This book investigates Alexander’s relationship between, not only his people of Macedon, but with all of Ancient Greece. This reference is useful because it looks at the link between his relationships and his role as leader. This will aid in discovering his motives and
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Hamilton discusses Alexander’s promoting of Hellenism in the lands he conquered, and how he did that. Some people have questioned his military genius and say he is no more than a conqueror, but each stress aspects of his character and intentions. I think this book is a great reference to use because it examines how he conquered different lands and explores reasons why which will help me answer my research question.

II. Journal Articles
Badian, E. “Alexander the Great, 1948-67.” The Classical World 65, 2 (October 1971): 37-56. Database on-line. Available from JSTOR: Journal Storage.
This article explores Badian’s notions of “Alexander the Dreamer.” He proposes that Alexander’s childhood upbringing made him become a dreamer wanting immorality in the form of being a god. Alexander had many goals he wanted to achieve, one being to conquer the ancient world. This is one viewpoint on his motives for wanting to do so.

Robinson, Jr. C.A. “The Extraordinary Ideas of Alexander the Great.” The American Historical Review 62, 2 (January 1957): 326-344. Database on-line. Available from JSTOR: Journal

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