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Alexander v.s. Alexis, Power Hungry or Ill Witted
Alexander the great, undefeated, but when put into question does he hold up against competition.
Alexander the Great was a superior military leader, conquering almost al l of the Eastern continent and was undefeated the whole time.Alexis tsipras just recently resigned from office after what is said to be one of the worst terms in Greece 's history.
Alexander the Great is a superior leader based on the fact that he gave the people great rich lives during his rule.
Alexander the Great was a great military leader along with his life and legacy.
The great Alexander’s early life was one filled with death and controlling figures.
When Alexander was only a boy his “father was stabbed” by a hired mercenary (Ulrich 61).
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After looking at the hard facts it 's time to compare the rulers to each other!
Alexander had one of the biggest impacts on young Greece and current Greece.
Alexander defeated the “Persians”, Egyptians, and Mesopotamians gaining land all the while (Alexander the Great).
While Alexander was on the Asian campaign “Greece enjoyed their period of peace” and prosperity (Alexander the Great).
Tsipras has one of Greece 's worst terms and left a negative impact on the society and economy.
Between the “flash elections”, and tax reforms contributed to the close revolt (Eyres).
As stated in Eyres’s article on Tsipras “[he] will be the downfall of democracy” shows it all (Alexander the Great).
Although Alexander is clearly a better leader than Tsipras, Alexander still has his downfalls.
During all the campaigns for land Alexander has a big “absence” in rule (Alexander the Great).
While Tsipras has his “downfalls” he was always there for the people (Eyres).
To finish, Alexander has his faults as a political leader, but he is still superior to Tsipras.
After reviewing all the evidence the final decision ascends from the facts.
Alexander while being a military mind ahead of his time, he struggled in the political end of
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