Alexander The Great Selfish

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Alexander of Macedon was a powerful conqueror or traveled throughout Greece, expanding his rule in in the third century BCE. He is nicknamed “Alexander the Great,” but was he actually all that great? Alexander pursued every conquest for selfish reasons. He stole riches from kingdom, and destroyed countless monuments. He sold many people into slavery, and he killed many more. He may have expanded Greece and been highly influential, but that does not outweigh the tragedy he brought to the various nations he conquered. One reason Alexander was not great is that he was selfish. When he left Egypt to pursue more conquests, he created a city near the Nile River, and he named it after himself, calling it “Alexandria.” The Egyptians were not allowed to play a key role in the development of Alexandria. Although the Egyptians…show more content…
In 335 BCE, when the Thebans tried to declare independence, he ordered his troops to destroy almost every building in Thebes. In addition, he encouraged people in Egypt to honor him as a god, and this upset the Egyptians very much because they didn’t believe in the worship of rulers. Also, he burned down the Great Palace and surrounding temples in Persia. When Alexander destroyed the monumental architecture of these cities, he was bringing their culture down with it. He tore through many cities destroying monuments that were important to the various cultures because he had absolutely no respect for other people’s beliefs. In conclusion, it is evident that Alexander is anything but “the Great” because he is selfish, he is ruthless, and he has no respect for other cultures. Alexander killed over a million people, and many into slavery. He destroyed countless buildings of cultural significance, and he did great damage to the various cultures he conquered. Some might say Alexander was great because he expanded Greece or because he was influential, but evidence shows him to be anything but
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