Alexander The Great Speeches

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Throughout history there has been many speeches. Some produced inspiration and joy to those who who heard it and other speeches spread dread and fear to all of those near. And there has been other speeches that were small and insignificant. This was not the case for Alexander the Great. He spoke multiple speeches throughout his lifetime and all of them were inspiring to his people and frightful to his enemies. Alexander the Great was a great leader and brilliant war strategist, so when he spoke everyone listened.

Alexander the Great was the King of the Greek of kingdom Macedon. He had created one of the largest empires in the world during that time. He was undefeated in battle and is still considered one of the most successful military
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It was rather apparent to him that his men lack the will to start another conquest. So he told them that he would understand them being this way if their leader was just simply ordering them around while not facing any of the hardships that his soldiers did. Although, he told them that this was not the case, and that he has been there with them the whole time sharing in the same danger as them. Alexander also told his soldiers that all of these lands that they have conquered are theirs as well. He told them that those soldiers who want to go home are allowed to, but they soon will envy those who stayed with him.

I have a lot of respect for this speech and Alexander the Great. It is very respectable that Alexander was willing to acknowledge his men 's lessening moral and went out and spoke to them. Also, the fact that he was along side with his soldiers and shared the same dangers that they did. In this speech it also shows how different Alexander was from many other rulers from around that time. He seemed to be a lot more generous with his people. An example of this is when he stated that these lands are yours too and that the governors of these lands will come from these
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