Alexander The Great: The Conquest Of Alexander The Great

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The Conquest of Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was a famous Macedonian king who ruled between 336 BC and 323 BC. As a ruler of Persia and Macedonia, Alexander the Great established one of the strongest and largest empires in human history. He is also one of the smartest military minds that have ever existed. Alexander the Great was a charismatic, intelligent, power-hungry, and diplomatic ruler. He inspired loyalty in most of his subjects to the point that some were willing to die for him. The Macedonian ruler had a lot of influence on both the Greek and Asian cultures. Alexander the Great obtained the reign of leadership after his father Philip was assassinated. The reign of Alexander the Great which lasted between 336 BC and 323 BC brought sweeping changes in Europe and parts of Asia. As a prince, Alexander the Great had access to the finest education in the Macedonian court under the guidance of the famous tutor, Aristotle. In his teenage years, Alexander the Great was already a decisive and charismatic ruler. He killed most his rivals before they could challenge his leadership and after that continued with his father’s mission of dominating the world. During 13 year of his reign, Alexander the Great amassed one of the biggest empires in the world covering over 3000 miles. He managed to create such a large empire without the help of modern technologies and weaponry. His accomplishments were impressive given the fact that at that time he was only twenty. Many of
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