Essay On King Alexander The Great

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Have you ever experienced conquering the world? One man did. In his youth, educated by Aristotle (a famous Greek philosopher), and taught by Leonidas II (a great general) to ride a horse and fight. Also, the inheritor of his father’s ,King Philip II of Macedon, massive army that he would use to conquer the known ancient world. Alexander achieve a feat as great as they say it to be, he would defeat the ever growing mighty Persian empire. He was the first person to win against Persia since 646 BC when king Ashurbanipal of Assyria raids the Elamite capital (Susa) in Persia. Alexander the Great, III, of Macedon was an important leader and left an inspiring legacy because he was a military genius,a liberator and connector, and an admirable king. Alexander was a genius, showing exquisite knowledge of battle tactics and strategy. In the battle of…show more content…
A great leader who left an important legacy through military prowess, being a liberator and world connector, and a remarkable King. Given these statements, Alexander was an apprehensive strategist with all wins and no losses. He inspired other great military figures to, in a way, follow in his footsteps. He was also a liberator who freed polises from Persian rule and brought about new discoveries and ideas. Although known for his anger and his war driven mind, Alexander was a fair and valiant King to his people. Why was Alexander the Great so important? What does it matter? He connected the world and brought about a simple scientific revolution that pushed the world forward. Ideas were spreading rapidly and new trade occurred as well as travel. And what if Persia got to rule the world? We would not be the same today. Darius III might not have supported scientific development like Alexander, or would have showed as much kindness as he did, or would have been as inspiring as him. Our world would be completely different if Alexander had not been so
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