Alexander The Great: The Most Effective Leader

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Effective Leader
Imagine having a whole lot of power, being able to influence people, and being able to make decisions, what would you do? That is what Emperor Qin, Alexander the great and Augustus/Octavian had to do. I think that Alexander the great is the most effective leader. I will explain why I think that Alexander is, and why I don 't think
Emperor Qin or Augustos is the most effective out of the three of them. I will give reasons why I think they aren 't the most effective ruler and why Alexander the great is, in my opinion. Alexander is more effective than Qin and Augustus/Octavian.
Alexander the Great is the most effective Leader. According to the people from
History, in 15 years of conquest Alexander never lost a battle and he named more than
70 cities after himself and one after his horse. First of all, that shows that Alexander has been in power for 15 or more years and in those years he never lost a battle. Second of all is showed that he took over so much land that he named 70 cities after himself and even had a city that he named after his horse. Also “Perhaps Alexander 's greatest legacy was founding great cities and spreading the Greek culture. Alexandria, in Egypt, is a city today of more than 4.5 million people. Furthermore, Greek language, religion and culture were spread throughout the Middle East and used for centuries after
Alexander’s death.” as stated by the people from livescience. This states that Alexander spread greek culture and found great
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