Alexander The Great Influence

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Alexander the Great

Ever since Alexander the Great was young, he was destined to become a great ruler. His father’s influence was an important part of his childhood. Ironically, it was his father’s death that forced him to be a dominant fighter and drove him to conquer many territories around the world. It was his opportunistic upbringing that cultivated Alexander the Great to become a powerful and dominant leader.
Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Greece during the summer of 356 BC. Alexander the Great was the son of Philip II who was a powerful leader and King of Macedonia. When Alexander was young, his father built Macedonia and it became one of the dominant powers in the Balkans. Philip II was described by many as a “great diplomat and master strategist.” (database)Because of his formidable status and Philip II’s desire for Alexander to be a great leader, he arranged for Aristotle, the greek Greek philosopher, to tutor and mentor him. This proved to be
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He had many exceptions to fulfill since his father was powerful and dominant figure. He succeeded in his quest and by age 20 was commanding his own army. He withstood opposition from many Greek city-states with strength and dignity. He was clever in his tactics and strategies. He led many troops to victory among his greatest achievement was conquering the Persian Empire. This conquest was a critical moment in history as it led to contacts between Asia and Europe. History was influenced by Alexander’s many accomplishment and dominance of power in the region. “He was a man of passionate ambitions, who saw the intense adventure of the unknown. He did not believe in impossibility, man could do anything, and he nearly proved it. Born in a half-world between Greece and Europe, he lived above all for the ideal of a distant past, striving to realize an age which he had been too late to share.” (pg. 497. BLK Book) And so he was appropriately named, “Alexander the
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