Alexander The Great Villain Analysis

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Alexander the Great: An Analysis
Alexander the “Great”. The man who conquered most of the ancient world. The man who spread so much of Greek Culture. But is he really so great? A hero is someone who cares about others. Someone who puts others before themselves. Someone who is smart and brave. Someone who is a strong leader. But Alexander did not match this description. He swept over nations, taking over and adding them to his empire. This was not a heroic deed. Alexander the Great is a villain because he murdered to obtain power, destroyed cultures, and did not care about his people.
Alexander the Great is a Villain because he murdered people to get power. He helped kill his step-sister in order to make sure he would get the throne, and
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All that was on Alexander’s mind was conquering more land. He completely ignored the fact that the land he had previously overtaken needed proper governing and he could not sustain his vast empire. According to Alexander the Not so Great, “Alexander the Great obsessively plotted future conquests, and he thought single-mindedly about the battlefield. “ (John Maxwell Company 3) Alexander could not focus on the more important things. All he wanted was power. That was his only goal, only focus. A hero would not focus on power alone. A hero would consider the people. And as a villain, Alexander could not properly rule his nation. According to Alexander the not so Great, “Alexander the Great ignored the difficult process of consolidating his conquered territories. He failed to build the governing structure necessary to secure and sustain his vast empire, and it disintegrated after his death.” (John Maxwell Company 3) Alexander was not a strong leader. He was so concentrated on obtaining more land, he was oblivious to the fact that he was not properly ruling all the land he already had. Because of this, his empire…show more content…
According to Alexander the Great and his Empire, “ He established many cities in different parts of the empire. Like the cities in Greece, they had marketplaces, temples, and theaters. People from Greece flocked to settle in Alexander's cities. They brought with them their Greek laws, art, and literature. Alexander insisted that local soldiers and government officials speak only Greek.” Even though Alexander did spread Greek Culture, this is not a heroic act as he destroyed other cultures in the process. He wanted was to spread his culture and beliefs. But how is this heroic when the local people were not allowed to express their own? In fact, the citizens were not even permitted to speak their own language, as Alexander insisted that only Greek was spoken. Alexander was taking too much control and would not let the people have a say. Sure, he wants the cultures to work together, but forcing Greek culture upon others is not the way to do
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