Alexander The Great Vs Plutarch Analysis

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Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were two highly important men in the history of the world. In Greek and Roman Lives, the historian Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus, better known as just Plutarch, wrote about the lives of these two great men. He wrote of how their surroundings and the people around them influenced them, and how that affected their success in their plans to reach some form of eternal glory in their desire to become greater than those who came before them. They were both extremely ambitious, quick to fight, and careless of danger on the path to glory. In the Life of Alexander, Plutarch starts with the story of an extremely smart young boy. He was the son of King Philip of Macedonia and the fourth wife, Olympias. He was supposedly…show more content…
He disagreed with the treatment given to the innocent people of the cities he conquered. He regretted being so harsh and became merciful in his campaign. One such example is when he let a woman go free even after she admitted to having killed a soldier and admitting that she herself was the daughter of a man that had once opposed King Philip, fearless of any repercussions that could have come from her confession. Alexander was also kind to the family of Darius with whom he was fighting. He provided them with decent living space during their fight and even let them know that Darius was not truly dead when they grew distraught at the idea that he…show more content…
At the age of 16 his dad died quite suddenly and he was named head of the household. At this point in time, Caesar married Cornelia, the daughter of Cinna. During this time, Sylla was the master of Rome and he wanted Caesar to put his wife away. He refused and was stripped of his inheritance and his wife’s dowry. After that, Caesar left Rome to join the army. Once Sylla died, he Caesar returned to Rome and set out to start to make a name for himself amongst social circles. He went and studied rhetoric to become one of the greatest lawyers. As a lawyer he had many successes dealing with high profile former governors who were known to be corrupt and take
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