Alexander The Great's Influence On Asian And Greek Culture

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Alexander the Great was a very determined individual who was going to do anything he had to do to prove his self or get what he wanted. Alexander the Great was a prehistoric Macedonian leader and is considered to be history’s greatest military minds who, as King of Macedonia and Persia established the largest kingdom the prehistoric world had ever seen. By turns captivating and ruthless, bright, and power hungry, ambassadorial, and bloodthirsty, Alexander inspired such faithfulness in his men that each man would follow him where ever he went and, if necessary, die in the process. Although Alexander the Great deceased before understanding his dream of bonding a new empire, his influence on Asian and Greek culture was so reflective it inspired a new historic era, the Hellenistic Period. (1) Alexanders personality was one of a kind especially because he came from a family of wealth and his father was a king leader.
Alexander had a very challenging childhood not only because of the things he has to live up to show his father he was worth something. Alexander III was born to Queen Olympias and King Philip II in 356 B.C. in Pella, Macedonia—although legend had it that his father was Zeus who was controller of the Greek gods. Philip II was a notable military man who in his own way proved to others he was the greatest. He changed Macedonia (a area on the northern portion of the Greek peninsula) into a force that would be hard to beat, and he dreamt about winning the massive Persian

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