Alexander The Salty: A Short Story

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Alexander inhaled the salty-ocean air, as he made his way to the bow of the tiny boat. Each step he took the boat groaned in detest. When he reached the bow his gaze fell upon the new world. His eyes were full of hope and promise. “ I 'm almost there.” he marveled. BOOM!!! Alexander jolted up. Rubbing sleep from his eyes Alexander grabbed his gun and crawled out from under his tent. The moonlight stung his eyes as he stumbled to his feet. Still disorientated Alexander fumbled around for his sense of direction. Once he found it, he raced off for his commander 's tent. On arrival Alexander heard another loud crash some twenty feet behind him. Ears ringing from the cannon shot, he barged in the tent labeled “G.W.”. Alexander could only…show more content…
“It’ll be okay, cause I’m here.” Alexander stated. Aaron mustered up the most convincing smile he could, but it did not convince Alexander. When they finally circled to the backside of the cannons, dawn had conquered the night. To Alexander’s relief Aaron’s shaking had ceased. Alexander crawled up to the top of a hill overlooking the cannons. To Alexander’s surprise and distress there was no one manning the cannons, no one even in sight. Perplexed, Alexander meet Aaron at the foot of the hill and passed on his findings. They proceeded with caution. Alexander scouted the area, while Aaron set the explosives. When Alexander finally reached the conclusion that they were in fact alone, he returned to the cannons. As Alexander entered the clearing something sharp bite him in the small of the back. He was thrown to the the ground. With the taste of dirt and blood in his mouth, and the ringing of a fresh gunshot in his ears Alexander flops over on his back. He stares wildly into the trees for a sign of his attacker. When he was convinced no one was there, he tried to stand up, but his legs would not move. A rustling noise emanated from behind Alexander’s head, to his relief Aaron sprang…show more content…
“Thank god Burr, I thought I was done for!” exclaimed Alexander “The shot came from the trees.” Aaron pointed his rifle not toward the trees but directly at Alexander. A menacing smile had spread across his face. “Ha, good-bye Alexander.” Aaron whispered. “Burr wait…” Alexander was cut off by the explosion in Aaron’s rifle. Alexander’s vision narrowed and blurred. He could feel his life ebbing away. The gaping hole in his chest where the bullet tore through him spit and slurred. “Burr… wait… please…” Alexander groaned. Aaron tossed his rifle down and pulled out a pistol from his undercoat. Slowy he pulled back the hammer, and shoved the pistol in Alexander’s face. “Burr… why?” Alexander questioned. The flash of the pistol 's muzzle was the very last thing Alexander ever

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