Alexandra Miles: Homecoming Queen

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Alexandra Miles is not you average high school senior at Spencer High School. Alexandra is an expert at manipulating her peers in order to take what she wants, and this year it’s to be crowned Homecoming Queen. Throughout her life she competed in beauty pageants, and has never lost one. Though this year she is struggling to keep her head above water because of her father’s death and her mother’s lack of attention. This doesn’t make Alexandra soft, if anything, it makes her stronger. Samantha is Alexandra’s sidekick. She walks around in Alexandra’s shadow following her every order. She is often found doing Alexandra’s assignments as well as delivering messages to other students from her so-called superior. Sam and Alexandra have been …show more content…

As the story begins she beings with a small plan to get nominated in the first place. She’s already confident she will be but she wants to have the most possible votes behind her. So, when she finds out when and how her boyfriend is going to ask her to homecoming, she gets it recorded. The video goes viral and she is confident in her nomination. Though when she discovers that new girl Erin Hewitt and outsider Ivy Proctor are on the nomination list she isn’t happy. She and her partner Samantha go to work on digging up information about Erin. They discover that she is related to their principal who already hates Alexandra for some unknown reason as well as that Erin was homecoming queen at her old school. in order to take them both down she decides to drop out of the race temporarily and to fully indorse Ivy. She buys ivy new clothes and gives her a false sense of security by acting like she is her only friend. Alexandra does this knowing that in the final hour she will humiliate Ivy and take her crown. How will she do this? Alexandra drugs Ivy and takes pictures of her passed out in a tub with a razor placed in her …show more content…

After some thought a reader could identify that social class plays a role in who is popular and who is not at Spencer high school. Because she has the money to afford on trend clothing, routine haircuts, and the latest makeup on the market, Alexandra is the most popular. When she first takes Ivy under her wing she describes her wardrobe as tragic, and her hair as obviously box dyed. Alexandra is shedding light on the facts that if you don’t have the cash to spend on fancy clothing and hair treatment than you just aren’t worth the time. Alexandra then uses her money to buy Ivy the new things she “needs” to make friends and become popular. Therefore money plays a big role in the climb for social status thus making Marxist criticism a great match to analyze this book

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