Alexa's Mission In The Marino Mission

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Have you ever betrayed someone’s trust to find the truth?
In the novel “The Marino Mission” We meet Alexa, who is working as hard as she can to save the dolphins. Alexa’s Mission is to save the dolphins from being used in the military. Alexa’s mission is clandestine. It can be identified as a clandestine mission in these ways. Alexa’s has only told a select few people, She is always in certain locations, and she trust’s the people she is working with or she has told about her mission.

To begin, Alexa doesn’t want attention towards what she is doing. First of all, Alexa’s mission is clandestine because she is using Jose’s bad computer, instead of the computer in the lab that works better to keep it as clandestine as possible . “It’s the only
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Firstly, Jose asks Alexa to meet her at Coconut Bay to check out Pecas. “I think Pecas is out in the open water near Coconut Bay,” José said, pointing off in the distance.(Chapman, pg - 74) Secondly, Alexa is always doing investigating in the lab. “I wish I could come with you! I can’t wait for tomorrow,” José said passionately. José planned to sneak into the lab to join Alexa after he worked his breakfast shift at the Puerto Marino cafeteria.(Chapman, pg - 78) Lastly, Alexa decides to meet Jose at the dolphin facility. “...Have you ever been in the facility?” “No, I haven’t. But how difficult can it be? Let’s just do it. I can stay here in the lab until 3 A.M. We can meet here then. You’ll need to bring the card.” He looked at her questioningly. “Will you meet me here?” … “Yes,” Alexa agreed. “I’ll be here.”(Chapman, pg - 154) With this evidence, we have found that Alexa and Jose do meet and continue their investigation in certain locations.

To begin, Alexa puts a lot of trust in the people she has been working with. Firstly, she has told her father.” Her father listened calmly while Alexa told him the whole story.”(Chapman, pg - 194) Secondly, she has been working with Jose who has been her partner throughout the whole mission. “Do you have time to look at some things on the computer with me? I found some other things about dolphins in the military that I want you to see.”(Chapman, pg - 98) Alexa was eager to show him the information she had found and to talk about the various conflicting stories on the Internet.
Lastly, she has told her best friend, Laurie over
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