Alexis De Tocqueville Research Paper

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Alexis De Tocqueville was a French aristocrat was a well-educated, political thinker, and historian, who came to America to study the prisons and jails. He arrived in America with longtime friend Gustave de Beaumont, in May of 1831 and stayed about 9 months. Upon his return home he published his travels and experiences in America, in his book Democracy in America. He believed in Democracy and he envisioned France as a Democracy. Alexis visit to America was during a time of growth and advancement, but many aspects he witnessed were negative. Andrew Jackson was president during this time, and he was a bigot and disliked any humans who were not white skinned. The French didn’t have slavery, and the French had a very close connection to Native Americans because of their relations of the past. He experienced slavery during his visit down south, and he also witnessed the Indian Removal Act of 1830. For this reason he…show more content…
The Federal Judiciary is an essential part of a democracy. He also believed the lower house of government were vulgar. Alexis liked the local governments here in America, like New England. He believed the Juries were fundamental to a democracy. The lawyers were a type of Aristocrat and he held them on a different scale. He was impressed with our system of Justice of the Peace. The local government acts as a school for democracy, and makes people join offices. Alexis believed that democracy trickles up rather than down. Freedom of Press is important to a democracy, but he thought if it becomes too powerful it can become a threat to democracy. The cure for this is to have a large amount of press to make sure it don’t become too powerful. Political parties were evil, but those parties from the beginning were good because their interests were in property. Whereas politicians during his visit only cared about victory not
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