Alexius I Comenus Response To Pope Urban II

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Emperor Alexius I Comenus has asked Pope Urban II to help aid in the defense of the Byzantine Empire in 1095. The Pope has agreed and is meeting with the Council of Clermont in hopes of uniting the lords across Europe. We have updated information that military action will be taken to regain control of the Holy Land from who the Pope refers to as the "infidels". A French monk by the name of Peter the Hermit has responded to Pope Urban II 's call of arms. With a ragtag army of peasants and soldiers we moved east to Constantinople in what is being called the People 's Crusade. As of 1096 Peter has stayed behind in Constantinople as his army continued into Anatolia. We have now received word that most of the crusaders have not survived the attack against the Turkish. After the devastation of the People 's Crusade, other European lords have created an extensive military…show more content…
Regrouped Muslim forces have attacked Edessa begins the Second Crusade. Three orders: the Teutonic Knights, the Knights Hospitaller, and the Knights Templar, as well as two monarch-led armies came to the aid of Edessa. Unfortunately, the armies changed their minds last minute to attack Damascus resulting in a disorganized defeat. The armies are once again dividing, some staying and some returning home.
Turkic ruler Saladin united the Muslim armies of South Asia and North Africa and has taken over Jerusalem. Three kings who have joined the crusade have not achieved much due to Emperor Frederick Barbarossa dying and King Phillip II returning to Europe. The lone king, King Richard I, failed to retake the city but instead has taken a deal from Saladin to keep control of the lands north of Jaffa.
Pope Innocent III called for a new crusade that is being mostly led by French Knights. We set out for the Holy Lands in 1202 but the Knights became distracted with information by the Venetian lords about the wealth in Constantinople. I am now watching the Fourth Crusade ransacked the capital of the Byzantine
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