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Legends are passed down from generation to generation. Each generation might get a different story, but it will have the same meaning. H.M. Forester once said, “All those old myths and legends and fairytales didn’t just appear out of nowhere for no good reason, you know.” For each legend, there is a reason behind it. That legend might have been based off of someone that truly did live or something that might have happened. Alf Bolin was a very crude and selfish person while some still believe that he roams the earth. Although I knew little to begin with, I found most of my information on the internet. I searched Alf Bolin’s name, along with Murder Rock, and many suggestions popped up. I went to many websites and learned a lot about the legend…show more content…
In most versions of the legend, Alf’s parents were either dead or abandoned him, which means that he was put into foster care. Even though most people tend to agree with this accusation, that is all that it is, an accusation. There is nothing documented about Alf Bolin being in foster care or with whom he lived with. There are accusations saying that he lived with a family of the last name Cloud. Obviously, this is only an accusation seeing as though no substantiating evidence proving this true. Meanwhile, Alf Bolin and his story continues to amaze people, not in the best way either. Alf Bolin was an egotistical type person. Once he grew up, he became part of a gang in which was called “The Bolin Gang.” They were a fairly feared gang known very well. Even though Bolin was the most well-known of the gang, he was not the leader in some of the versions of the legend. Although he was not the leader, he was the cruelest of all and had the gang named after him. Bolin’s gang was terrorizing around the time of the Civil War. The men would be off to war, leaving the children and wives behind to fend for themselves. For the most part, lives were normal for those families left behind. All of this changed because Alf and his gang were too scared to go to war with the other men. This led to the gang becoming an actual part of

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