Alfons Maria Mucha

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Alfons Maria Mucha was a Czech artist he is well known to be one of the most noticeable illustrator, painter and interior design of the Art Nouveau movement.
He became one of the most important figures of the Art Nouveau by the late 1890s by the time the concept of the “art nouveau” made it big entrance.
His posters and crafts were made famous to the public with the help of the new process of impression of the time. Mucha was born in 1860 in Moravia in the Austrian empire, now known as Czech Republic. He worked as a painter and studied Art in Austria and Germany, before going to Paris where he had to fight for living and where he worked on his graphic style and produced illustrations for books and Art calendars.

In 1895, he received a commission to create the poster of the play " Gismonda " with Sarah Bernhardt.

The imminent success of this poster led to a profitable
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In 1902, he published the portfolio of the " Ornamental Documents ", which summarized its artistic creed, its theories on the art and on the ornamental elements of the Art nouveau. From 1907 till 1928, he realized " the Slavonic Epic ", a series of gigantic murals for the city of Prague.
Contemporary of the works Art nouveau of Victor Horta in Brussels, Alphonse Mucha was influenced by the Symbolism and by the social aspects of the Movement Arts and Crafts de William Morris in England. He(it) tried to give access to the beauty of the art in all the social classes and to bring ornamental elements to the rank of works of art. He(it) developed his(its) own esthetic ideals and his(its) original style, which became a sign standing out with its time(period), was called(mentioned) "Style Mucha".

::::::::: “Le style Mucha”

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