Alfred Hitchcock Film Techniques

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Everything about this film for me was perfect. Starting with first scene, the establishment shot showing the California buildings then panning and zooming to the characters room.
For a black and white old movie, there are so many powerful techniques used that are still relevant even to this day’s horror movies.

Alfred Hitchcock (producer and director) managed to execute a horrifying film without using props and ghosts. The movie for me is psychologically
Manipulating and thrilling to make sure your eyes are glued to the screen. He Uses close up to show a characters emotions and how they express anxiety and sorrow. The conversation of Norman bates and Marion at the motel also used a close up so that we can catch Norman psychological emotion
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Norman’s creepiness is illuminated by lighting him from behind which draws the audience to view and focus in on his reactions as the car is sinking, stalling the car a bit, then sinks again. Also Hitchcock manipulated us to feel empathy to Norman as we never want him to be catch, same scene at the shower when Norman was cleaning the blood. It make you fear full for the villain
The scene where Lila finds Norma bates and reveal the plot of the movie, the director used a perspective point of view to create suspense and horror to make scene scary. Also when Lila hits the light creates that flickering feel of lighting to make the scene more dramatic.
However, Hitchcock played with the high key lighting in a different way to border his characters flaws and expose them, which is a fear that we all have and can relate; having our darkest desires held up to the light for the world to see. In a sense Hitchcock is saying with her death and his insanity, here it is and look at it. This gives way to the themes of the movie lack of privacy.
When Norman bates was in the interrogation room, Hitchcock used a wide shot to place the character in the middle of the frame to highlight the lonely and insanity of the
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