Alfred Hitchcock's Genius

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The Mad Genius of Alfred Hitchcock I am a great horror movie fan but I don’t like the blood and gore kind of movies. I like the horror thrillers and those that get me scared more psychologically than watching heads flying and so on. This director is one of my favorites and through his genius I couldn’t take a shower while alone at home for the longest time and whenever a bird made a noise above my head I cringed. Setting the Actresses Straight While rehearsing director Alfred Hitchcock’s now classic horror movie “Psycho” Janet Leigh wasn’t getting the famous shower scene just right. So Hitchcock took matters into his own hands and came at the nude actress like “Mrs. Bates” would have to do with the knife. He was so intent on showing what he…show more content…
It became an obsession with me to try to catch a glimpse of him whenever I watched one of his movies. I do have to say that in some cases I was not successful. In 1955 the director began hosting his own TV series. The shows were a half-hour and an hour-long. Audiences soon learned that he had a most macabre kind of comedy. By the time two of his all time most popular movies were filmed “Psycho” and “The Birds” audiences first recognized Hitchcock’s name before they recognized any of the stars. He even had a monthly magazine Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine which is still published today. He soon became known as the Master of…show more content…
It puts an emphases on the fact that he was ever aware and watchful of all of the young actresses starring in his movies. In 1966 the director said that he was actually not satisfied with the beginning scene of “Psycho” because Janet Leigh was wearing a brassiere. He would have like her to be bare-breasted however until the late 1960s Hollywood Production Code didn’t allow any nudity. Hitchcock felt that if it had been possible to do it his way the audience would have related more to how Norman Bates felt right at the beginning of the
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