Alfred Hitchcock's Life And Suspense Films

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Alfred Hitchcock was born on August 13, 1899 in Leytonstone, London, United Kingdom, and was the youngest of his siblings. He was one of the most famous film directors of the twentieth century because of his positive attitude towards filmmaking, and his exceeding skills and talent as a filmmaker. He directed more than 50 feature length films from the 1920’s into the 1970’s. In 1925, Hitchcock directed his first film, ‘The Pleasure Garden’ (1925), and made “thrillers and suspense films,” which was why he was well known around the world. Due to his exceptional ideas, people today, still watch his movies and compliment on the way he directed. He was famous for starting a whole new evolution of movies, and was known as the ‘Suspense King’ around…show more content…
Hitchcock’s childhood passed by as a ‘lonely and sheltered’ childhood because his parents never gave him the rights and freedom he deserved. His life seemed incomplete partly because of his obesity, and somewhat without the love and protection of his parents. As a child, Hitchcock was a quiet young boy who never participated in mischievous acts or got into trouble. Unfortunately, his parents thought differently. His parents considered him to be a rude and impatient child, and because of that he was once sent to the local police station with a note written by his father, stating that his son should be locked up for 10 minutes, because of his ill timed behaviour. Hitchcock spent many nights at the front of his mother 's bed, standing for hours as punishment. His mother wanted him to realize the consequences of impolite behaviour. Many years had passed by, and Hitchcock soon pursued an interest revolving around the subject of guilt, which was further developed during his time at the strict St. Ignatius…show more content…
During his time working with his father, Hitchcock soon developed an interest in films and he began going to the cinema during his spare time at work. Hitchcock entered the world of film as soon as he finished university. He began his career by working as a draftsman for a film studio, and made his way up to being a scriptwriter, then art director and assistant director, until his debut film, ‘The Pleasure Garden,’ as a director in 1925. His keen interest in filmmaking resulted in great success and respect from people around the world.

Alfred Hitchcock accomplished a lot throughout his life, mainly because of the support he received from his family and fans. Throughout Alfred Hitchcock 's career in filmmaking, he won two Golden Globe Awards and eight Laurel Awards for his work. Hitchcock also received five nominations as the ‘best director’ in the Academy Awards, and also received the ‘Irving Thalberg Memorial Award’ in 1968. Hitchcock was also honored with winning five ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’ including one by ‘American Film Institute’ in 1979, and his first ‘BAFTA Academy Fellowship
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