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Born on June 23, 1894 in Hoboken, New Jersey. And son of Alfred Seguine Kinsey and Sarah (Charles) Kinsey. Alfred was the oldest of 3 kids, He was the shy and unspoken one from the bunch. His family was poor most of his childhood, Often couldn’t afford medical treatment for him. Alfred having many diseases as a young child which include Rickets, Rheumatic Fever, Typhoid Fever. Alfred graduated as a Valedictorian in high school. He tried to apply to be drafted but he found out that from lack of vitamin d and living under bad predicaments that he had obtained a curvature spine which was caused from rickets which is a deficiency that you get from lack of Vitamin d. So he went onto enrolling in Bowdin College which is located in Maine. Where he studied entomology which is the study of insects. He entered the Zeta Phi fraternity and later on was elected into the Phi Betta Kapa society. He later on continued his studies at the Harvard Universities Bussey Institute Which had one of the most highly regarded biology programs in the U.S. He received his doctorate degree in biology at Harvard. He married Clara Bracken McMillen, He’s marriage ceremony was…show more content…
There he and his colleagues conducted interviews talking about their sexual life on over 18,000 Americans. He interviewed any men or woman with any sexual interviews and didn’t judge them even homosexuals and didn’t judge them at the time that everyone thought being gay or gay people was the worst. In 1948 he released him book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male’. Releasing his first book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. His book was based off of interviews, which women and men of all ages provide answers to personal questions about their sexual feelings and behavior. Later on he published a sequel to the book called Sexual Behavior in the Human female. His books dealt openly with human sexuality which wasn’t a big topic so it created

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