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It should be a matter of great honour and worthy too to incorporate the creative aspect of the poet laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson. The influence of John Keats and other Romantic poets published before and during his childhood is evident from the richness of his imagery and descriptive writing. It reflects the Victorian periodof his maturity in his feeling for order and his tendency towards moralizing. The aim of this paper is to depict the notion of his virtuous concept relating to perseverance and optimism of human beings as well as of his own life. He was no doubt a man of optimist. Tennyson used a wide range of subject matter ranging from medieval legends to classical myths and from domestic situations to observations of nature. Like many writers who write a great deal over a long time, his poetry is occasionally uninspired, but his personality rings throughout all his works that reflect a grand and special variability in its quality. The fundamental aim of presenting this paper is to give a new ideas; i.e. new vistas of the psychological aspect of his writings and life too.
Key notes: perseverance and optimism, psychological aspect of his writings, observation of nature, psychological aspect and doctrine, romanticism.

Ulysses ' was written in October 1833 after Tennyson learned about his friend Arthur Hallam 's death. Ulysses, based on the Greek mythology character Odysseus, longs for adventure, is going to leave his Kingdom of Ithica to his son

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