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Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa opinions, "I just think of myself as a regular guy." He’s nothing but that. Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa was born January 2, 1968 in an impoverished village in Mexico. Quinones-Hinojosa had nightmares when he was a child that he had to rescue his mother and siblings from fires, floods, and avalanches since he was the oldest of the five children. He started working when he was just 5 years old in his father 's gas station; his family lived in an apartment in the back. But when Mexico’s economy went down the gas station collapsed with his livelihood. His father had to sell it with almost no profit. After the gas station was sold the Quinones-Hinojosa family had to start making they profit with flour tortillas and homemade salsa. When he turned 14 he took short visits to a ranch in San Joaquin Valley, California where his uncle worked as a foreman to make money and bring back for his family by pulling weeds every two months. As a teenager Quinones-Hinojosa always thought he would be an elementary school teacher because of his excellent grades at teacher-training college however he was assigned in a remote, rural area; only that politically-connected affluent kids got good jobs in the city. His salary was barely anything to survive.…show more content…
After reading this remarkable story of Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa I can say that he has been the most influential people in our society. This is because he shows that it doesn’t matter if you 're poor, an immigrant, being a lower class person in your country, not being educated, or even all of the above it’s never too late to start educating yourself to become a better you. He shows how he had to cross the border twice and work in a farm to maintain his family in Mexico or when he decided to go back to school when he couldn’t be a teacher in there. Quinones-Hinojosa also showed how after he went to community college they thought he was too smart to be Mexican and he proved them wrong by becoming a

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